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Ghana’s Complete Farmer, which connects farmers to global food buyers, raises $10.4M

Ghanaian agritech Complete Farmer seeks to transform farming practices in the region by developing critical technical and physical infrastructure to enhance efficiency in the agricultural value chain. It raised a recently concluded $10.4 million pre-Series A funding round ($7 million equity and $3.4 million debt) to consolidate its efforts. 


GSI invests 2.3 million in Jetnet to fight the digital divide in rural areas

GSIF España, our Spanish fund invested EUR 2.3 million in Jetnet to finance a first phase of fibre network deployment in small Andalusian municipalities.

Fund Society

Global Social Impact accelerates its consolidation process and expects to reach a size of 120 million in the coming months.

Executes new investments in its two funds GSIF Africa, a private debt vehicle focused on companies with positive social and environmental impact in Sub-Saharan Africa, and GSIF Spain, focused on direct investment in Spanish SMEs with high social impact.


The GIIN Launches Its Second Impact Performance Benchmark

GSIF Africa is one of 16 agriculture impact investment funds that have contributed to the design of the Agriculture Impact Performance Benchmark, a new tool from built by The Global Impact Investing Network which allows investors to measure and compare the impact of their investments.

Radio Intereconomía

Capital Breakfast: The impact economy

In Capital Intereconomía, María Ángeles León, vice-president of SpainNAB, assures that the private and public sectors must go hand in hand to boost the impact economy. “For every resource that the public sector provides, the private sector can mobilise up to five or six”.


What opportunities are there in non-listed companies with a vocation for social impact?

Impact investing in unlisted assets offers a real de-correlation to market performance and an added return, leaving a positive social footprint. In September, the Law for the Creation and Growth of Companies was passed to boost and improve collective investment and venture capital in Spain, allowing individuals to invest in private equity firms with an initial investment of 10,000 euros. Daniel Sandoval, head of Investment in Spain at Global Social Impact Investments, answered questions from journalists.

El Economista

Global Social Impact bets on low-cost shopping baskets by investing in Sqrups

In the context of rising prices, the low-cost shopping basket for families is being strengthened by the impact investment ecosystem in Spain. Global Social Impact Investments, the management company under the umbrella of the Santa Comba family holding, has sealed its second investment in eight months with its entry as a minority partner in Sqrups, Spain’s leading urban outlet retailer.


What can’t be measured can’t be improved – 2021 impact report

Global Social Impact Investments (GSII) publishes its annual impact report, which summarises the impact generated by the fund manager during 2021.

Cinco Días

Private impact investment grew by 33% in Spain in 2021

SpainNAB identified 15 private equity funds, 39% more than the previous year, including vehicles from impact investment managers such as Global Social Impact Investments (promoted by María Ángeles León) or impact funds from traditional managers (such as the one recently launched by Mutuactivos, Mutua Madrileña’s fund manager).

El Economista

Mapfre and GSI’s impact fund closes five new investments

The impact fund of the insurance group Mapfre AM and Global Social Impact Investments SGIIC (GSIIC), the impact investment fund manager founded by María Ángeles León and the family holding company Santa Comba, has made five new investments valued at EUR 3.5 million, exceeding EUR 6 million in assets under management over the last year.


Social impact funds: an investment alternative for a better world

Yak Fair Trade met all the characteristics to receive funding support from the Global Social Impact Fund (GSIF), a fund managed by GSI and which was born with Santa Comba and MAPFRE as main investors.

Open Value Foundation

Ghana, a new horizon for impact investment opportunities

María Cruz-Conde and Ana Hauyón from the Open Value Foundation’s impact measurement team visited Ghana in January to follow up on the investments made in the country and to look for new partnerships and investment opportunities.


Impact investment is consolidated in Spain with the constitution of SpainNAB, a benchmark advisory board made up of 28 organisations

The new Board of Directors of SpainNAB has been established with Juan Bernal of CaixaBank AM as President and María Ángeles León, of Global Social Impact Investments and Open Value Foundation, as Vice-President.

El Referente

Revoolt raises 850,000 euros in its latest capital round

This is the first investment of the new fund launched by Global Social Impact Investments (GSIF), which focuses on unlisted Spanish companies with a high social and environmental impact.

Funds Society

Global Social Impact launches new impact investment fund focused on Spanish companies

Global Social Impact Investments SGIIC, the impact investment fund manager of the Santa Comba family holding company, has launched GSIF Spain, a fund focused on direct investment in Spanish companies with a high social impact. The new fund already has 8.75 million euros and expects to exceed 50 million euros.

El Mundo Financiero

Urgent call from the G7 to mobilise private capital for the public good

SpainNAB, the Advisory Board for Impact Investment and Spain’s representative to the GSG, has participated in the preparation of the recommendations of the G7 Impact Taskforce, including as Spanish success stories in impact investment: CaixaBank’s social bond and the Global Social Impact Investments fund with MAPFRE AM dedicated to financing companies with high social impact in both frontier and emerging markets.

Europa Press

GSI appoints Daniel Sandoval as the new head of investments in Spain

Global Social Impact Investments has hired Daniel Sandoval as investment director in Spain to boost the reach of its impact funds.

GSI Investments

The GIIN reports: understanding impact performance

The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) has published two reports to understand the impact performance of climate change mitigation investments and investments in quality jobs, citing the example of Tugende, an investee of Global Social Impact Investments (GSII).

GSI Investments

Disclosure Regulation: Implications for Impact Investing

Attalea Partners and Global Social Impact Investments are teaming up to address the challenges presented by the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) for the private equity sector and, in particular, the impact investing sector.

Industry Talks

Boosting Africa’s sustainable and inclusive industrialisation through impact investment

GSI introduces Ghanaian company Green Lion, the latest venture from its open-ended private debt fund that invests in established business models in sub-Saharan Africa. A project that provides goods and services for small businesses that represent a $600 billion market and are vital to the economies of many African countries.

GSI Investments

What can’t be measured can’t be improved – 2020 impact report

Global Social Impact Investments publishes its annual impact report, which summarises the impact generated by the fund manager during 2020.

Cinco Días

Global Social Impact will raise 40 million euros for a Spanish fund

It will invest in unlisted companies with a social component.

El Nuevo Lunes

Pedro Goizueta: “We invest directly in companies with high social impact”

Global Social Impact Fund, focused on direct investment in high social impact companies in frontier and emerging regions, has obtained the article 9 classification of the new European Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). This categorisation is a further step in the validation of the fund manager’s social impact investment model, says Pedro Goizueta.


Global Social Impact obtains Article 9 classification under the new Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation for its first impact fund.

The Global Social Impact Fund aims to tackle the economic and social exclusion of the world’s bottom billion while generating a 5%-8% net return to its investors.


Impact Funds: “philanthropy is not enough to get out of poverty”

Interview with María Ángeles León, president of the fund manager ‘Global Social Impact Investments‘, and Arturo García Alonso, its managing director.

El Periódico

From philanthropy to impact investing

María Ángeles León chairs a funds management company that looks beyond pure profit. Global Social Impact Investments manages a fund to finance companies in Africa

El País

Alternative and impact financing can also be for SMEs

The second virtual day of Radar Pyme focuses on alternative and impact financing. Jaime García Cantero, content director of Foro Retina, interviews Pedro Goizueta, Head of Investor Relations and Operations of Global Social Impact

GSI Investments

The GIIN reports: understanding impact performance

The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) has published two reports to understand the impact performance of investments in agriculture and financial inclusion, in which GSI has participated.

Tiempo de Inversión

Impact Investing, a common goal

Three of the founding figures of the impact movement in Spain participated in the first edition of Impact Investment Time: José Luis Ruiz de Munain of SpainNab, María Ángeles León of Global Social Impact Investments and Agustín Vitórica of GAWA Capital.

El Independiente

Covid-19 promotes the growth of ESG funds with social and sustainable criteria

The pandemic is driving investment with environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria, a philosophy that is accelerating following the European governments reconstruction plans and the investment community’s commitment to society.

El País

Funds that want to improve society

Impact investment vehicles, already established in the Anglo-Saxon market, are beginning to develop in Spain


MAPFRE AM and GSI launch a social impact fund with a first objective of 50 million

The vehicle will invest in short- and medium-term debt of companies in sub-Saharan Africa and other emerging countries. Santa Comba (shareholder group of GSI Investments) and MAPFRE will make the initial capital contribution and MAPFRE AM will act as investment advisor.

Cinco Días

Social impact funds, the last frontier of responsible investment

With the rise of socially responsible investment, a category of funds that introduces a third vector, social impact, has emerged.

GSI Investments

CNMV authorizes Global Social Impact Investments SGIIC

The Spanish National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) has approved the funds management company Global Social Impact Investments SGIIC,
specialized in social impact investment funds.

About Global Social Impact Investments

Global Social Impact Investments SGIIC SAU is an impact investment funds manager that helps investors achieve positive social and environmental impact together with financial returns.

GSI is part of Santa Comba Gestión SL, a family holding that brings together projects promoting freedom through knowledge.

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