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The intention to generate a positive and measurable social impact distinguishes impact investing from other socially responsible investment strategies.
From this distinction arises the challenge of measuring, managing and reporting the impact generated.

GSII’s investment criteria are defined by each fund’s impact strategy and respond to the overall objective of improving the livelihoods of vulnerable people while generating an attractive financial return for the investor.

For this reason, impact management is integrated into all phases of the investment cycle:


of the investment


and monitoring

and capitalization

of impact

The starting point in the impact measurement and management cycle is to develop a theory of change for each fund, from which we define the investment thesis.

The impact strategy tells us which are the impact objectives that we intend to achieve.

and planning

During the impact estimation phase, a due diligence process is carried out, to assess whether the analyzed companies or funds comply with the established impact criteria. 

The result of this process is the decision-making on the investment.


Once the company or fund is part of the portfolio, its impact is periodically monitored in order to know to what extent the investees are meeting the objectives set, based on specific metrics generally linked to specific SDG metrics and standardized IRIS + indicators.


At the end of an investment cycle, it is possible to conduct further analysis of the aggregate total impact, if deemed appropriate.

This analysis consists of an external evaluation aimed to know the real impact on the direct beneficiaries. 

Impact reports

Impact investing is distinguished by a commitment to measuring and reporting on the social and environmental performance and progress of investments.

GSII and the 2030 Agenda

GSIF’s mission is to improve the livelihoods of people who are in situations of vulnerability. This purpose connects directly with the expressed priorities reflected in the 2030 Agenda. Although our impact thesis is directly aligned with SDGs 1, 8, 10, and 17, we seek to contribute to all of the objectives.

We use the ABC impact classes (Avoid, Benefit, Contribute) proposed by the Impact Management Project to organize and reflect our priorities and our impact on the SDGs.

Strategic Goals

Cross-cutting Goals

Goals on which to avoid negative impact

About GSI

Global Social Impact Investments SGIIC SAU is an impact investment funds manager that helps investors achieve positive social and environmental impact together with financial returns.

GSI is part of Santa Comba Gestión SL, a family holding that brings together projects promoting freedom through knowledge.

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