Disclosure Regulation: Implications for Impact Investing

Attalea Partners and Global Social Impact Investments (GSII) are teaming up to address the challenges presented by the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) for the private equity sector and, in particular, the impact investing sector.

Photo: Global Social Impact Investments (GSII)

The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulations (SFDR) have burst onto the private equity scene to act as a catalyst for responsible investment, as well as promoting transparency and preventing greenwashing. The legislation is forcing to provide clarity for investors on what is sustainable and what is not, forcing funds to take a position on sustainability.

The regulation is highly demanding and closely linked to the Taxonomy, which adds to the complexity.

Attalea Partners, a strategic and financial ESG consultancy, and Global Social Impact Investments (GSII), a fund manager specialising in social impact investment funds, have organised an event to provide clarity on how to address certain regulatory challenges for the private equity industry and, in particular, for the impact investment sector.

You can watch the meeting on Friday 3 December 2021 here!



10:00h: Welcome
María Ángeles León (GSI)

10:10h-10:30h: Fireside chat
María Merry del Val (Attalea); Leopoldo González Echenique y Heike Schmitz (Herbert Smith)

10:30h-11:15h: Roundtable
Pedro Goizueta (GSI); Teresa González Barreda (Arcano); Anna Pellicer (Abac Capital) y Juan González del Castillo (Seaya Ventures).

Moderated by: Álvaro Molina (Attalea Partners)

11:15h: Q&A with the audience

About Global Social Impact Investments

Global Social Impact Investments SGIIC SAU is an impact investment funds manager that allows investors to achieve positive social and environmental impact together with financial returns. 

GSI is part of Santa Comba Gestión SL, a family holding that brings together projects promoting freedom through knowledge.

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