YAK Fair Trade

YAK Fair Trade is a Rwandan-based agro-industrial and livestock company specialising in the post-harvest processing and commercialization of a wide variety of commodities.


Country: Rwanda
Starting Date: October 2021
Sector: Agriculture and livestock farming
Instrument: Loan
Investment: USD 500,000

Company Description

Yak Fair Trade is an agribusiness and livestock company based in Rwanda that was established in 2010 to focus on post-harvest processing and commercialization of affordable and nutritious produce.

Its mission is to increase the livelihoods of smallholder farmers and improve community food security.

Social Challenges Addressed

Seventy-five percent of Rwanda’s labour force is concentrated in agriculture. Most of the people engaged in this activity are small-scale farmers, who face a number of difficulties that prevent them from increasing their income and improving their living conditions.

The lack of drying spaces or facilities for the grain they harvest means that the harvest is exposed to adverse weather conditions such as rain, which increases the level of humidity in the grain, affecting its quality and making it difficult to market.

Moreover, finding markets to sell the crops is complicated for these farmers. If poor quality grain is added to this difficulty, the chances of them being able to sell their production are significantly reduced.

Proposed solution

Key SDGs supported





YAK Fair Trade focuses on the development of the agri-food production chain in Rwanda, specialising in the post-harvest phase of commodities, including the processing and wholesale distribution of grains such as maize and wheat and a wide variety of pulses, dairy and meat products.

More than 60% of the products marketed by YAK come from smallholder farmers who see their livelihoods and those of their families improve.

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