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Our team is proud to be able to profit from an outstanding Experts Committee, and work side by side with the very best partners and collaborators


María Ángeles León


Economist. She has been a Philantropist for 20+ years. Cofounder of Open Value Foundation. Founder of GSI. Founding partner of Cobas Asset Management. She holds different positions in several national and international organizations

Arturo García Alonso

Managing Director

Arturo is an economist and lawyer, having completed his education with an MBA. He has been working in finance and strategy for 20+ years in several companies in different sectors, from start-ups to multinational groups.

Francisco Díaz


Francisco is an industrial engineer, with a wide experience on industrial organization and business management. He has worked in consultancy, general management and organizational roles for 20+ years.

Arianne Martín

Social Impact

Arianne is an economist. She is marketing, strategy and sales expert, social worker and teacher. She has worked for different NGO’s and creating her own in Indonesia. Arianne is co-leading Open Value Foundation.

Mercedes Cerero


Mercedes is an economist and has developed her professional career between the financial and the non-profit sector. She is also an advisor at several charity boards, and has promoted a startup association.


Prof. Yunus

Global Advisor

Social entrepreneur, economist, and civil society leader. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for founding the Grameen Bank and pioneering the concepts of microcredit and microfinance.

Jacqueline Novogratz

Global Advisor

Founder and CEO of Acumen. She sits in several boards, advisory councils, committees, etc. She is an author and a frequent speaker in forum about impact investing and philanthropy.

Francisco García Paramés

Global Advisor

Francisco is the Asset Manager with the best long-term track record in Spain. He is cofounder of OV Foundation, and Value School. He has been a philanthropist for 20+ years.

Agustín Vitórica

Global Advisor

He is an economist. Agustin is the leader in impact investing in Spain. He is launching his third Investment Fund. He sits in several boards and advisory committees.


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