Sqrups is a social enterprise specialising in logistics and sales in shops considered “urban outlets” that generate social impact by providing access to first consumer goods at very low prices for low-income customers. It also offers alternatives to companies with excess production and avoids waste generation.


Country: Spain
Starting date: July 2022
Sector: Storage, logistics and sales
Instrument: Equity
Investment: 3M EUR

Company Description

Sqrups is a company specialising in logistics and sales in urban outlets. Its social mission is to offer ordinary products to economically vulnerable groups. It also creates dignified employment for people from groups at risk of social inclusion, while contributing to the environment by reducing waste.

Social Challenges Addressed

There are currently companies that have a wide variety of products that they can no longer – or are no longer interested in – selling, either because they are left over from series production, production surpluses, etc., but which are nevertheless very high quality products.

Since they are prevented from marketing these products, a large amount of surplus production waste is generated, which results in a large economic cost and a great deal of pollution when disposing of it.

On the other hand, there are customers who have economic access barriers to ordinary products, and on the other hand, customers who are environmentally aware and are looking for circular economy purchasing alternatives (recycling, reuse, etc.).

Finally, people who belong to socially excluded groups are looking for jobs that generate income and also a space in which to develop.

Proposed solution

Spain’s leader in “urban outlets” for the mass market, offers products from stocks in a wide variety of sectors such as food, personal hygiene, drugstore, stationery, fashion, footwear, gardening, household goods, etc., at prices between 30% and 80% below their average retail price. 

There are several benefits for stakeholders: 

In relation to brands, Sqrups provides an outlet for products that will no longer be sold, being high quality products. 

This business model contributes to the circular economy by avoiding waste of products that will no longer be sold by manufacturers, having a direct and positive impact on the environment. 

In relation to customers, Sqrups offers the possibility of acquiring consumer goods (including prestigious brands) to people with low economic resources, and also offers an alternative to customers who are looking for a more sustainable and responsible consumption option. 

Finally, in relation to employees, Sqrups promotes a workspace where they can develop professionally and personally. This is developed through recruitment policies for female employees, internal promotion and internal training on internal processes, customer service, etc.

Key SDGs supported






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