Shayashone aims to improve the agricultural production chain by minimising post-harvest grain loss for the poorest farmers, thus preventing food from being wasted during transport and storage.


Country: Ethiopia
Starting date: May 2023
Sector: Agriculture
Instrument: Loan 
Investment: USD 500,000

Company Description

Shayashone (SYS) is an Ethiopian company founded in 2010 specialising in agricultural services that has recently expanded into the education sector. The main product it manufactures and distributes is PICS (Purdue Improved Crop Storage) bags through its sister company PHK Trading PLC.

These bags are known by Ethiopian farmers as the “miracle bags” because, thanks to their three-layer design, they help resource-poor farmers to preserve their grain in good condition after harvest, minimising losses. In addition to being strong and safe, they are made from natural and chemical-free materials.

PHK Trading is the sole distributor of these bags in Ethiopia since 2017. The bags are an innovation from Purdue University (USA) and are marketed worldwide by PICS Global.

Social Challenges Addressed

Food waste in developing countries is mainly generated at the earliest stages of the agricultural process, such as production, transport and storage, and poses a threat to food security and economic stability.

Approximately one third of the food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted. In sub-Saharan Africa, post-harvest loss is estimated at 37%.

In Ethiopia, post-harvest loss is between 22% and 30%, and more than 12.5% is lost during storage, implying a loss of about 5 million tonnes of food, which could feed 17 million people.

Proposed solution

BURN’s stoves use up to 50% less fuel than ordinary stoves, save up to 65% of CO2 emissions and cook faster. Therefore, they reduce respiratory illnesses caused by cooking fuels, improve household incomes as families make savings on these and avoid deforestation.

In addition, the use of these devices significantly reduces the time spent on cooking and collecting firewood, allowing significant savings in time and money (an average of $96 per year per household) that can be used for other needs such as education, health and income-generating activities.

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