Revoolt is an impact technology company created to turn last mile logistics into a simple, high value-added process by offering socially and environmentally sustainable mobility solutions.


Country: Spain
Starting date: December 2021
Sector: Logistics & distribution
Instrument: Equity
Invesment: 750.000 EUR

Company Description

Revoolt is a company specialising in sustainable last mile urban logistics solutions for the food sector.

Its mission is to impact the environmental and employment profile of the cities where it operates and contribute to the transition to a sustainable and responsible last-mile sector thanks to proprietary software that allows the digitisation and optimisation of last-mile grocery delivery, a multimodal fleet of zero-emission vehicles and a team of vulnerable people who are an active part of the workforce.

Social Challenges Addressed

The unsustainable growth of last mile logistics can contribute negatively to two social problems: a deteriorating environment and a precarious and non-inclusive society.

On the social side, the last mile sector is a sector where employment conditions are often precarious. Precarious employment makes it impossible to consolidate a life project in the medium and long term.

On the environmental front, traditional vehicles and missed deliveries contribute to the deterioration of the environment, increasing pollution and congestion in cities.

Proposed solution

Key SDGs supported







Revoolt combines technology, a multimodal fleet of zero-emission vehicles and a team of mostly vulnerable people.

100% of the staff are part of the company’s workforce, which allows Revoolt employees to have access to a dignified and stable job, with opportunities for training and promotion. This enhances their sense of belonging to the company, their self-perception and the quality of their service, which is a competitive advantage. In addition, offering training to employees allows them to progress to positions of greater responsibility and higher salaries and increases their chances of joining and remaining in the labour market.

Its proprietary software for digitising and optimising last-mile grocery deliveries and its multimodal fleet of zero-emission vehicles contribute to reducing pollution in cities. In the last year, Revoolt avoided the emission of 12.69 tonnes of CO2.

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