Our investing criteria

We invest in the growth of social businesses with an already proven business model, high development potential and a measurable social impact.


Proven business model, with
a long enough history, revenues, and in (or very close to) breakeven
Competitive advantages
in stable sectors
Competent and
honest management
People at the bottom of the pyramid and their basic needs
at the core
of their business
Our funds

We generate attractive financial returns for our investors while also focusing on providing additionality, intentionality and measurement, key elements                      of impact investing

We invest with…
a strong focus on underdeveloped markets as our goal is to create impact where the need is highest, empowering people at the bottom of the pyramid to achieve their livelihood goals


Food & Agriculture
securing and increasing income for smallholder farmers
Consumer goods & Logistics

improving access to consumer goods for low-income households

Productive Assets
facilitating access to productive resources needed in order to sustain an adequate income to live
Energy Access
supporting access to clean lighting solutions, usually with daily/weekly affordable payments
Any company enhancing people’s ability to secure a livelihood or providing access to products and services covering basic needs in underdeveloped areas may be considered as having a positive social impact as long as its business model is balanced and empowers its employees and customers


With our first managed fund (GSIF Africa), our goal is to build a diversified, high-impact, profitable portfolio in Africa with our partners and local team.

In July 2021, we launched an additional fund (GSIF Spain) targeting the economic inclusion of vulnerable groups in Spain.

About Global Social Impact Investments

Global Social Impact Investments SGIIC SAU is an impact investment funds manager that helps investors achieve positive social and environmental impact together with financial returns.

GSI is part of Santa Comba Gestión SL, a family holding that brings together projects promoting freedom through knowledge.

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