Our investing

We invest in the growth of social businesses with an already proven business model, high development potential and a measurable social impact

We are flexible in terms of investment tickets and invest directly through debt and equity into social businesses, or indirectly into other Funds. Value and impact creation is our priority and we engage closely with the management teams of the investees to achieve this. We invest with a strong focus on underdeveloped markets as our goal is to create impact where the need is highest.

We invest in…

We base our analysis on facts, current figures of the Project, margins, trends already achieved, rather than on story-telling and forecasts.
(TOC: Theory of Change. M&M: Measurement and Manegement)

To be considered as an Impact Investment, there has to be an actively pursued social impact, and a measurement of it. Any project that create or improve access to employment for the most disadvantaged is a good start to achieve a positive social impact. There is usually a learning curve and a circle of competence. The more we work on a specific Sector, the better analysis we are able to deliver. All projects are analyzed on an individual bases.

Where we invest

We put the focus on countries where there is a financial and social development opportunity and on specific sectors where the social impact is the most powerful


We provide capital to address the most pressing challenges, among others:

Food & agriculture

Securing and increasing income for small farmers and help them become more resilient

Health Care

Affordable care models for the underserved including prevention, diagnosis and treatment


Improve the education offer for low-income families either increasing the academic offer or the access to it

Financial Inclusion

Support Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) to expand their range of services to underserved communities

Energy access

Clean lighting solutions, usually with periodic affordable payments to eventually gain ownership

Affordable housing

Developments for low income families whose need are not met by the standard market


Finally, any company that offers quality employment to the underserved or basic needs in underdeveloped areas may be considered as having a positive social impact as long as its business model is balanced and empowers its employees and customers.


We have a step by step approach for a gradual geographical expansion. Our main focus is on developing countries. We start with East Africa and Spain and will do some initial steps in Latam. Some other countries may be considered on an individual basis.

Our main focus is on developing countries. We start with Spain and East Africa and will do some initial steps in others geographies.

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