Nyimba Millers Ltd is a maize milling company based in Zambia, near Lusaka


Country: Zambia
Starting date: September 2023
Sector: Agriculture
Instrument: Loan 
Inversión inicial: USD 1.000.000

Company Description

Nyimba Millers Ltd is a maize milling company based in Zambia, near Lusaka. Its mission is to be the most highly regarded and preferred milling company providing high quality and cost-effective products to the local and international markets. The company is committed to doing good for both the community and its employees. 

Social Challenges Addressed

In Zambia, maize is produced inefficiently using outdated farming techniques. Most smallholder farmers use traditional tools and rely on rain, making them vulnerable to natural disasters and increasingly erratic weather due to the climate crisis.

Rising average temperatures have led to severe food shortages. Zambia’s over-dependence on maize exacerbates smallholder farmers poverty. As a crop produced inefficiently and employing more than half of the country’s working population, bad yielding and vulnerability to climate change, makes famers’ income extremely uncertain and volatile.

Proposed Solution

Through its model, Nyimba Millers Ltd. generates the following outcomes:

  1. Smallholder market access
  2. Increased and stable farmer income and welfare
  3. Increased food security
  4. Direct and indirect decent and quality jobs created

SDGs we focus on

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