GADC’s business has, thus far, been based on developing agricultural value chains in the post-war areas of Northern Uganda where a significant number of aspiring farmers remained in IDP camps for decades. This idle time contributed to losses in agricultural capital and knowledge

Business description

GADC operates in North Uganda, a below average economic area in the country.

It is currently the biggest buyer of Cotton in Northern Uganda, and the second biggest in the country.

In the 2017-2018 season it held 20% share of the total Ugandan cotton market.

Social Challenges addressed

Small farmers usually have subsistence level crops due to a mix of lack of finance, skills, negotiating power, etc.

GADC provides a diverse set of enabling services and tools to farmers: financing, good seeds, fertilisers, training and knowledge to improve the crops, a fair purchasing price of their crops, an established supply chain with collection points closer to farmers, access to the international market, etc…

It is usual for GADC clients to increase their crops substantially, which mean an equally increase in their family income, being able to move from subsistence levels to the next step in the economic ladder.

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