Complete Farmer

Complete Farmer is a Ghanaian company that through its proprietary technology connects smallholder farmers with global buyers in the food sector and enables them to track and optimise production and provide a competitive advantage throughout the supply chain.


Country: Ghana
Starting date: December 2022
Sector: Agriculture
Instrument: Loan
Investment: USD 500,000

Company Description

Complete Farmer uses data and technology to connect all stakeholders in the agricultural value chain, through a proprietary and integrated platform, to ensure quality control, appropriate standards and end-to-end food production systems.

They have a technical team, based in Accra, that constantly optimises the systems developed to make the technology offering more robust and relevant to the agricultural sector, even as it continues to evolve and improve. 

Social Challenges Addressed

Despite the African continent’s capacity to feed the world, with over 60% of the world’s most arable land, the supply chain has significant shortcomings.  

Climate change, opportunistic middlemen, seasonality, unpredictable supply coupled with farmers’ lack of capital, skills and technology make it very difficult to meet the growing international demand in the food sector.  

Proposed solution

The solution is to offer a marketplace that connects buyers and farmers in the agricultural value chain. Through the development of a proprietary platform, buyers request the production of a specific crop and Complete Farmer ensures that the requested product is produced according to the specifications requested by the buyer. 

This platform is a unique opportunity to finance crops produced by smallholder farmers in Africa through blockchain technology that facilitates transparency of the process for all stakeholders involved.

Key SDGs supported





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