Connects women entrepreneurs with private impact investors who seeks financial return alongside social impact. In an innovative peer to peer model that connects investors with the women via social networks

Business description

Microwd is a microlending company focused on Latin-American. The first microloans were granted in Nicaragua in 2013. Currently, the company is expanding into Ecuador and Peru.

It works with local partners, and usually has an active presence in the communities through different grant programs.

It gives flexibility to lenders for the repayment of the loan.

Social Challenges addressed

There are many communities in developing countries where there are hardly any financial service and no lending at all to the bottom of the pyramid.

In those communities, the potential economically active population, mainly self-employed or small businesses, are excluded from financial services, increasing their vulnerability and preventing them to advance in the social and economic ladder even if they have the ideas and willingness.

Microwd offers microloans to women with a flexible repayments calendar, understanding the needs of the borrowers while offering a financial return to the investor.

Microwd also engages with the communities through charitable services.

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